Spanking Vol. 82





Studio: William Higgins Productions
Approximate Running Time: 01:03:33
Date Added: 2022-05-13
Released: 2021

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Patrik Nalup is naked, on his knees with is hot ass exposed as he is shackled to the exam chair. He is gagged too and soon feels the heavy hand of his master as his lands oh his sexy ass. His big cock is pushed back between his legs. Then his balls are given a little slap too. The sexy ass is given a few spanks too. Then some oil is rubbed over Patrik's cock and balls. The sexy ass gets spanked more, and harder too. The cock is wanked as well. Then the ass is spanked hard by both hands as Patrik struggles against his shackles. A riding crop runs over his back and onto his ass. Then the crop beats on that sexy ass too. Patrik moans as the crop lands repeated only his ass. The handle probes his tight hole too before the crop beats on the sore cheeks some more. Then a hand spanks the hole as well and the heavy hands land all over the ass. A whip is then used to punish the sexy ass even more. Oil is dripped onto the tight hole and it is rubbed over the hole. A finger slides into that tight hole and fucks deep inside. That hole is fucked deep by the finger. The the finger comes out and Patrik's dick is wanked as his ass is beaten more. Next that hole feels a thumb being shoved deep inside. The cock is wanked more too as the crop hits on the reddened ass cheeks. Then the whip comes into play again too. A dildo is slapped against the ass and then it is oiled, ready to go in the hole. The fat dildo pushes into the tight hole, stretching it wide. It comes out and then goes back in again. That shows off the ass as it closes after being stretched wide. Patrik's hole is worked hard by the dildo, Then the ass holds the dildo in place as the hands beat on the sexy ass cheeks some more. The toy is removed and the ass is spanked and whipped much more. Patrik is turned over and his legs are in the stirrups. That shows cock, balls and ass perfectly. The crop runs over everything, teasing. The dick stays rock hard as the hair on the balls is pulled too. The ass gets spanked more too. Then that hole is fucked more too, as the dildo works in and out. Patrik's cock is wanked hard too ass he continues to struggle against his shackles. Then his hands are released and he is allowed to wank himself. Wanking hard and fast he soon releases the hot cum from his stiff cock. He scoops up some cum and eats it to end his spanking.

Roman Renda is gagged and shackled, on the floor, and wearing only some skimpy underwear as he writhes around trying to release himself. He moans too as he writhes. His master arrives and begins to spank on Roman's thighs. After groping the underwear he pulls it into Roman's ass crack. Then the heavy hand spanks on Roman's ass cheeks as he continues moaning. His balls are pulled out and squeezed. Those balls are given a few slaps too. Then Roman's cock is released too and a hard wanks it as that sexy ass gets spanked more. The underwear is pulled off the ass, showing the hot, hairy, hole as the cheeks are spanked hard and fast. That hot hole is spanked too. Oil is dripped over Romans cock and balls and then rubbed over the sexy ass too. The hands spank hard on that ass before stopping to spread the cheeks even wider. More oil is rubbed over the hairy hole and a finger is pushed deep inside. The ass his spanked more as the cheeks color well. Then a riding crop is used on that ass causing Roman to moan even louder. Then the hands spank on the ass again and pull on Roman's balls. The riding crop reappears and both ends are used on the hairy ass. Roman is turned onto his knees and his ass gets spanked more. The cheeks are squeezed too and spread more to show the tight hole. More spanking makes Roman feel the soreness in his ass. Then the ass is whipped too before the ass hole is inspected and then spanked. The crop is used again and then the cheeks are spread which opens up the tight little hole too. A dildo is shoved into Roman's mouth as his cock and balls are pulled too. Then that dildo rubs over his tight hole and is wedged between the cheeks. The ass gets spanked more before Roman is allowed to sit and wank his cock. The crop hits on his sexy chest as he keeps wanking himself. He keeps up his wanking until that cock delivers the hot, creamy cum. Roman milks himself dry as his ordeal comes to an end.

Sexy Jan Blatnik is naked and gagged and shackled to a step-ladder as his rock hard cock pokes out in front of him. His balls are tied too. Then his tormentor arrives and begins to rub a riding crop over Jan's sexy body. The crop flicks against the hot body as that dick stays rock hard. The cock is flicked too. Then a hand reaches out to take hold of the cock and wank it a little. Oil is dripped onto that stiff dick and the hand reaches to rub it in. The cock is then wanked hard and slapped too. The heavy hand slaps against Jan's sexy body as well. His nipples are pulled too as the chest is slapped. Then the balls are untied and they get slapped and squeezed too. A whip appears and hits against Jan's hot body and onto his cock as well. The hands slap Jan's cock and his thighs. Jan is released from the step-ladder and placed onto his knees. His sexy ass his exposed and the hand spread the cheeks to make the hot hole gape. Those heavy hands spank on the ass cheeks too, coloring them nicely. The stiff dick is pulled back between Jan's legs too, and held in place by the crop. That hot ass gets spanked hard by the hands and then it feels the whip too. The reddened ass cheeks are spread more to show that hole. Then a dildo is rubbed over the ass hole. It is pushed into the hole and fucked deep inside. That hole opens up well to take the toy as it fucks all the way inside. It is held all the way in that ass hole as the cheeks are spanked more. Then the toy is removed and a dildo on a pole is pushed into the eager hole. It opens up that ass so well as it fucks in and pulls out. The toy is discarded and a yard stick hits on the ass. Then the dildo fucks back into Jan's hole. He takes it well and feel the hands spanking on his ass some more too. Jan then is allowed to stand and wank himself. He wanks hard and soon unloads his squirting cum all over the floor below. He milks his cock dry to complete a great scene.

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Clip 2 - 19 mins 12 secs

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Stars: Roman Renda
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Stars: Jan Blatnik
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Cast & Stars: Spanking Vol. 82

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