Hung Twinks 7





Studio: BoyFun
Approximate Running Time: 01:46:56
Date Added: 2022-06-08
Released: 2022

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Marcel Boyle has no idea how to play billiards, but then again hardly anyone does. Handsome lad Antony Carter claims to when he arrives to help the young man out, but it's soon apparent that his intentions are more related to BoyFun than teaching the twink this game. Needless to say, the two are soon swapping the wooden cues in their hands for the meaty ones in their pants. No one really needs to learn to play billiards when boys naturally know how to play much better games, and with Antony's big rigid cock in his mouth young Marcel is soon having fun learning the rules of a new sport. With a move to the couch and their clothes entirely abandoned young Marcel gets his own gorgeous erection licked and sucked, but it's when his friend moved to the back pocket and gives him a licking that things really move along. With his pucker lapped and wet he slides down on the gorgeous length his friend is offering, taking a hot ride on Antony's bareback before bending over the end of the couch for a thorough poking in the rear. Antony looks so good pumping his hot little butt with every thrust of his dripping dong inside the boy, but he looks even hotter taking control and pinning young Marcel down on the cushions to bugger him deeper. With his juicy cream leaping up to his tight and smooth body Marcel is almost satisfied, all he needs is his new pal's fresh cream wanked out into his waiting mouth. We might not know how to win at billiards, but we can tell this was a draw.

I think I speak for everyone reading this when I say that we would all gladly exchange a dildo for the hard raw cock of gorgeous boy Finn Harper. Noah Bailey certainly can't pass up such a hot BoyFun opportunity when the lad arrives to interrupt his solo play session. In seconds young Finn is taking over on that dildo and after some assistance with the toy, their attention is rightly moving to the proud penises bulging out of their snug little undies. The delicious cock gobbling these boys share is potentially enough to have you spunking early, but you'll want to hold back on that finish. With rigid boners slurped and Noah's eager little pucker licked by his handsome young friend that steely length of warm dick is sliding right in for some spooning. The deep missionary ramming Noah takes from his bareback pal hits that sweet spot but it's the ride the boy takes on that long cock that has his own gushing a massive fountain of hot cum from his hooded tip, his semen slinging out far and wide to drench the sheets between their legs. Such a climax is all Finn needs to see to have his own bulging boner pumping cream, wanking his rock solid length while Noah licks the tender helmet, the fresh goo spewing right into his mouth. No doubt a dildo couldn't have done that.

Big-dicked Jake Hunter has an appointment to keep with handsome boy Mark Troy. He's been wandering around the historic city for a while trying to find the apartment, but finally, he's arrived and the BoyFun can begin.There is no pretext for these sweet young stars, they both know what they're here for and their appetites are already wet with anticipation, along with the wetness of their hardening penises. With a little smooching on the bed the two twink boys get to know each other, but with those stiff cocks soon revealed from their bulging pants they're quickly making themselves familiar with those warm inches, too.Twinky Jake has a truly incredible cock and his big meaty length is so delicious. Handsome Mark greedily works the oversized erection in his hungry mouth before his own dripping penis is produced for Jake to sample. Now that Mark has seen that the boy's cock really is as big as he expected he can't wait to get it in his ass. There's enough time for a little more sucking of the uncut banana but he's quickly bending over and demanding that dick inside him. You can bet that with a cock like that young Jake knows how to wield it. He eases his big tool inside and gets to work, pumping the boy with his engorged length in a doggy position before giving control to the tanned boy and letting him ride those awesome inches. Mark is loving it, as evidenced by the turgid meat he continues to wank in his fingers while he lays back and accepts an even deeper pounding. His climax is only moments away and by the time he's reached it he has a big mess of cum to sling from his erection. With his sticky white milk splashed all over his tight abs, the boy gets a powerful series of spurts over his face and a taste of his big-dicked pal's juices to finish.Now that Jake knows where the lad lives he'll be stopping by to share that huge cock more often.

Superfit young man Olek Oneight arrives at just the right time to catch his friend Alan Caine watching porn on his phone and revealing his rigid cock for some solo BoyFun, but of course, the dark twink isn't going to reject the offer of some help with his rampant rod. In moments Olek is offering his hungry mouth and gobbling on the stiff prong offered by his pal. Alan has quite the impressive cock, but his friend is clearly skilled and after moving to the couch and stripping down to display those smooth young bodies Alan is quick to wrap his own lips around the perfectly pink erection sprouting from between his friend's thighs. No doubt Alan was happy to kick back and handle his own cock but the pleasure of Olek's tight little hole around his dick is far more intense. The smooth young man rides his buddy with skill, his own thick pink meat swinging with delight while he slides up and down on the naked penis inside his ass. The pumping he takes from behind is even more fun, and once young Olek is on his back with his prostate being prodded he's mere moments away from the climactic release he now craves. Olek manages to hold back until his friend's sperm is splashing into his face and mouth, the taste of that warm juice is enough to have his own stiff uncut length pumping his juicy goo over himself in appreciation. Now that he knows his friend is as greedy for pleasure as he is Alan will be hitting up his buddy for more of the same, no doubt.

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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