Ready Aim Fire 2





Studio: Jocks In Socks Video Productions
Approximate Running Time: 00:12:27
Date Added: 2022-06-18
Released: 2022

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Our Colombian Superstar, Alesso Ferrara returns to jerk off for the 13th time, WOW. But one never tires of seeing the beautiful, elongated and thick monster of a cock! He wiggles his bubble butt, he jacks his cock and, as in all his videos, his shoots another, large, throat choking load large - just the way we like them. And now sit back, pull it out and "Watch Alesso Cum” for a 13th time.
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Clip 1 - 12 mins 27 secs

Ready Aim Fire 2 Clip 1 00:02:00
Ready Aim Fire 2 Clip 1 00:02:40
Ready Aim Fire 2 Clip 1 00:05:40
Ready Aim Fire 2 Clip 1 00:06:20
Ready Aim Fire 2 Clip 1 00:10:40

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Cast & Stars: Ready Aim Fire 2

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